Our objectives

objective is to achieve a quantity and an organic food product quality in state ruffian (of which the gold of the spices Saffron) that can be remarked as well on the national market that on the international market.

Our team is already in strong expansion and our products are appreciated already.

While continuing our activity of sale, the accumulated experience permitted us to achieve our own production and distribution that cover some relative market zones to the packing and to condition of our destined products to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic use.

To respond to waitings of consumers that want the food products of high quality. 

Such is the project around of which producers and sellers of the SOUKTANA products are reassembled .

Our activities are always focusing toward an absolute primary optics, the one of the customer's satisfaction because we are convinced that the sale of a high quality product and pure represents a gone strong person of the report that exists with our customers.

Today, hygiene and the quality of foods are to the heart of consumer preoccupations. Facing these preoccupations and to answer to the authorized requirements and morals our team has takes all necessary measures to guarantee the quality of our products screws to screw of the consum