Who we are?

SOUKTANA.com combines the creativeness of the famous producers and agriculturists of saffron in souktana with the experience of the professional sellers of the known agro-food products in the domain of the saffron sale, their integrity and holds them to deliver their products to our customers in the best conditions, and in the normal conditions and without transformations industrial and without broyage.

  To reach our theme " The one that cheats is not ours " , our team launches themselves in the struggle against all way that touches to the quality of the Saffron of Souktana that makes himself very well by :

* to mix with the saffron of bad quality that comes on of other country.

* to add the similar matters.

Knowing that The Souktana saffron (Taliouine) is known by the quality that incomparable to the saffron of producers and exporters Asiatiques or of the European countries